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Slip-and-fall accidents might lead to compensation claims

Going to a store or even for a walk means putting your trust in the people who are responsible for maintaining the walking surface. This doesn't always happen. Some property owners don't take the steps necessary to keep patrons safe.

When you do fall on another person's property, there is a chance that you will suffer an injury. In some cases, these injuries are very serious. You might hit your head and suffer a brain injury. You might land on your arm and break it. You could suffer from sprained ankles or hurt your back. In all of these cases, you will likely end up needing medical care.

The location matters

The location and circumstances of your accident determine what options you have for seeking compensation. If the accident occurred on a business' property, such as in a store, the process for seeking compensation is much different than if you are injured on a sidewalk owned by a municipality. Both of those circumstances would likely be different from a claim that you make against a homeowner. Slip-and-fall accidents can occur indoors or outdoors.

The circumstances of the accident matter

What was going on at the time of the accident does matter. If you slipped on a wet spot inside of a store, the presence of a wet floor sign could have an impact on your ability to file a claim for compensation. If you were doing something dangerous, your claim might be impacted. You would need to be able to show that the property owner's negligence led to the issue that caused the accident.

The damages are based on what happened to you

Typically, more serious injuries are associated with higher damage amounts. This means that a claim for a brain injury would likely involve more money than a claim for a sprained ankle. This partly because of the higher cost of medical care and the time off of work that is likely to occur with more serious injuries. You can often seek compensation for multiple types of damages, including missed wages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and medical care expenses.

The resolution might vary

Slip-and-fall accident cases can go before a jury to decide what, if any, damages are appropriate. Some cases don't make it to that point because the victim opts to agree to a settlement offer. In this case, the victim might be able to get the ordeal over with faster, which means that they can get their settlement sooner.

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