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Mild brain injury more prevalent than first thought

Suffering any type of brain injury is always harrowing, however having an accident that is no fault of your own makes the situation worse. Studies say that most of the brain injuries suffered are not as severe as one might think and can be missed without proper testing.

Severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a subject that has had a lot of attention lately, especially in Maryland. However, mild and moderate brain injuries are just as prevalent and need more exposure in the media.

A study published is a scholarly news source discovered that mild TBI can actually have as much impact on a person's conceptual skills and their ability to gain knowledge as severe TBI.

Those suffering from mild brain injury are a much larger group than those who suffer traumatic brain injury with a full 90 percent of sufferers being those with the mild to moderate form.

Testing immediately after a trauma can reveal only so much data. Some cognitive skills will deplete quickly and can stay permanently. This can only be tested by waiting a period of time and re-testing the individual.

An imaging test call diffusion tensor imaging is sometimes effective for testing cognitive levels of the brain after injury. It uses a contrast and brightness level to determine healthy brain matter.

Another technique was tested thoroughly and found that evaluating eye movement, verbal acuity and general movement were indicators of the severity of brain injury.

The altered sections of the brain will show a difference in the scan itself and will back up the first test that is administered.

This can be important if the brain injury was caused by a product or due to an accident and is brought to court.

Proving that a loved one or you have a brain injury is an important first step to getting the compensation that you deserve. Speaking with a professional may be prudent option.

Source: Fox News, "Mild traumatic brain injury may cause cognitive problems, lasting brain damage" Nicole Kwan, Jul. 16, 2014

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