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Personal injury in Maryland means concussions in young athletes

When it comes to concussions and serious brain trauma, President Obama has come out on the side of caution. He is encouraging young athletes and their coaches and caregivers to err on the side of caution as well and not dismiss what could be a serious head injury as a headache.

Playing through the pain is a bad choice and the less mature athlete needs to be aware of the safety protocols that are in place to keep them safe. The President also called for more research and better safety equipment.

What used to be only a concern to the military, awareness of personal injury to the head has spread throughout sports such as football and hockey to cheerleading and soccer. Approximately 250,000 young people every year are seen by a medical team because of a sports-related personal injury that includes concussions.

There were many experts and representatives of major sports in the U.S. at the event that was located in a rainy Washington D.C. A safety demonstration was to be held, however, the event was moved inside and health experts urged parents to be cautious of head injury.

The President said that this awareness does not need to make the young people stop physical activity, but to simply be aware of what head injury looks like.

It can begin with a headache and move to memory loss, confusion, nausea and dizziness. If a young athlete continues to play with a concussion it can lead to more long-term problems.

There have been states recently which passed laws that change the rules that govern school-sanctioned athletic activities. Some federal legislators have taken up the gauntlet, too, and are pressuring to pass legislation that brings penalties to those companies who market products that are supposed to protect from head injury but fail to do so.

If you have suffered from a serious injury because of a product that promises to deliver protection and did not, you may find that holding the company responsible may give you a sense of justice. Loss of wages and medical fees can be recovered as well.

Source:, "Obama: when it comes to head injuries in sports, don't just 'suck it up'" Susan Heavey, Reuters, May. 29, 2014

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