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What conditions contribute to slip accidents?

Residents all across Maryland lead busy lives, just like you. You have an extensive to-do list and a lot of work to cram into your daily schedule, and that can include traveling to many different stores at all hours of the day. Unfortunately, this can increase your chance of getting into a slip-and-fall accident.

The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) lists quick facts for these slip-and-fall accidents, showing that your chances of slipping can be high even if the usual culprits aren't around. But what are the usual suspects? Common conditions that can contribute to these falls include:

  • Icy or wet floors
  • A lack of warning for slippery areas
  • Uneven ground
  • Poor lighting conditions
  • Obstacles

What are some signs of brain trauma?

Maryland residents who get into car accidents are often left dealing with injuries that might not be immediately noticeable. At the law offices of Scott N. Bergman, LLC, we work to help you identify the signs of these injuries, even if they occur days after the initial traumatic event.

Contrary to popular belief, some symptoms of brain-related injury or trauma don't appear for hours or even days after an accident. Severe trauma will usually manifest immediately, and can be seen in signs like unconsciousness, bleeding, or clear fluids draining from the nose. Sufferers may also be comatose during this period.

What makes a premises liability claim?

Many in Maryland are aware of the idea of slip-and-fall accidents, which can cause injury to the patron of a business and cause them financial harm as a result of medical bills and lost wages during recovery. Premises liability, or the idea that the person in charge of a space is responsible for what happens in that space, can be far-reaching, but all injuries are not the fault of the owner. As Communities Digital News explains, an injury is not automatically the fault of the business where it occurs.

For an injury like a slip-and-fall to have any merit as a premises liability case, negligence needs to be present. This means that not only is a business responsible for having a safe area for their patrons and workers, they need to have processes to deal with accidents that lead it to be unsafe and they can not knowingly leave unsafe conditions in place. So if you were to slip and injure yourself at a bowling alley, this could be considered the fault of the business if several factors were present.

Keeping teens safe on the roads

With the return of summer comes BBQs, concerts and road trips, but for Maryland teens it also means the return of a deadly driving season. According to WTOP, Memorial Day marks the beginning of 100 days where teen drivers are most at risk to have a fatal car crash. More than 5,000 people have died from accidents involving teen drivers in the 100 day period over the past five years.

Distracted driving is the cause of many of these crashes. In fact, when it comes to teen drivers, 60 percent of accidents have some sort of distraction involved--typically a smartphone. The Herald-Mail Media reports that if a driver is sending a text while driving he or she looks away from the road for an average of five seconds. This gives ample time to drift into the other lane, follow the driver ahead without enough space between vehicles or not slow down quickly enough to avoid a collision. In Maryland, talking on a cellphone that is in hands-free mode is legal, as is switching between radio stations, but other phone usage while on the road is prohibited.

Consumer views on autonomous car safety

Maryland residents who are concerned about their safety on the road may naturally be watching the evolution of self-driving vehicle technology carefully. Certainly an increase in public safety is a primary motivator for adopting either fully autonomous vehicles or at least the use of vehicle that include some autonomous driving features. But, while companies in a variety of industries seem all but in a race to get these vehicles and features to market, it is interesting to step back and see just what consumers really think about it all.

The Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Consumer Survey has recently been conducted by a research firm called INRIX. When asked to indicate what type of company they would prefer to see an autonomous vehicle built by, only four percent indicated that a ridesharing company would be their top pick. Twenty-three percent of respondents indicated a preference for these vehicles to be developed by traditional automotive manufacturers while 27 percent said they would prefer to see technology companies as the primary developers of automous cars.

5 steps to take after suffering a head injury in a car crash

You have driven to work every day for months, but today was different. A truck driver went out of his lane, and the next thing you knew, you woke up in the hospital. It's now days later and you're just starting to be able to communicate.

It turns out that you suffered serious head trauma that has left you with a lasting brain injury. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to start a claim and get compensation for this injury, so you can focus on your health instead of money during this difficult time. Here are five steps to take as soon as possible.

How to handle a car crash

Drivers across Maryland try to be careful and pay attention when they are out on the road, so when a car crash happens it can be very scary and sudden to them. This shock may prevent people from acting in their own best interests after a car accident, so it is smart to have a plan to follow in case of an emergency. Start by taking a moment to breath and check for any injuries.

According to WRDW, there is a proper order to follow when it comes to reporting a car crash. First, law enforcement need to be notified so a police report for insurance can be made, and this can be done by calling 911. There are times for a minor accident that they may tell you an officer does not need to come to the scene of an accident. If there are injuries, the 911 call can also call medical personnel to the scene. The next call is to the car insurance company to make a claim. Once both of these calls are complete, it’s a good time to call a family member to help and explain the situation.

Dangers teens should know about during graduation season

Graduation season is just around the corner. In the coming weeks, high school seniors across the region will celebrate their accomplishments. While they have good reason to do so, these parties may involve alcohol. With that, teens and their parents should continue to have detailed conversations about drinking and driving, especially at this time of year.  

This post will highlight some important statistics regarding drunk driving. 

Latency part of distracted driving danger

Like their counterparts around the nation, Maryland residents have been hearing more and more about how and why distracted driving is so dangerous in the past few years. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, one element that makes the use of electronic devices so risky for drivers is referred to as latency.

Latency is the term that describes the length of time it takes for a person's brain to re-engage with an original act after stopping another one. In the case of using a cell phone or even a built-in navigation system while driving, the latency period is said to last for up to 27 seconds. That means for nearly a half a minute after stopping the use or viewing of a device or system, a person is not fully able to concentrate on driving. That is more than enough time for an accident to happen in.

Slip-and-fall accidents might lead to compensation claims

Going to a store or even for a walk means putting your trust in the people who are responsible for maintaining the walking surface. This doesn't always happen. Some property owners don't take the steps necessary to keep patrons safe.

When you do fall on another person's property, there is a chance that you will suffer an injury. In some cases, these injuries are very serious. You might hit your head and suffer a brain injury. You might land on your arm and break it. You could suffer from sprained ankles or hurt your back. In all of these cases, you will likely end up needing medical care.

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