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Anyone can become injured on the job. Anyone! Construction workers are struck with falling objects. Workers in the food industry slip and fall, or get cut or lose limbs with utensils. Landscapers trip and fall or become injured by their machinery. Regardless of your job and the type of accident, you have legal rights if you are hurt on the job or during work in the course of your employment like driving from A to B for work purposes.

Many questions and concerns arise after an on-the-job accident. Work-related injury victims are often concerned that they will lose their job, their legal status and they wonder how they are going to pay medical bills and deal with lost wages for them and their families. Workers' compensation benefits are designed to provide for injured workers. But the reality is the insurance companies just don't want to pay and will challenge almost every claim presented to them.

If you need a workers' compensation attorney, turn to our legal team at The Law Offices of Scott N. Bergman, LLC. Located in the city of Rockville, Maryland, we are dedicated to helping clients with all types of work injuries get the benefits and medical treatment that they deserve. We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation in the legal and local communities, as numerous doctors refer patients to us when they are in need of legal counsel. We are not just Attorneys, but Trial Attorneys who know the ins and outs of the courtroom for our clients.

Independent Medical Treatment

In most cases, an employer's workers' compensation insurer will zealously recommend that an injured worker see a specific doctor. That doctor is often on the side of the employer and the insurance company who hired the doctor and they cannot always be trusted to look out for your best interests. However, you do have the right to get legal counsel and get independent medical treatment from an impartial medical doctor. This levels the playing field in workers' comp cases against the insurance company involved. We can help you find a doctor who will give you the truth about your injury, not make up a story in order to protect your employer and its insurance company.

We Have A Former Nurse On Staff

A unique benefit that our firm offers is the insight and advice of a former nurse. She now serves our clients as a paralegal, consulting on cases involving on-the-job and accident injuries.

Reaching A Resolution Through An Appeal

If your initial workers' comp claim is denied, there is a process through which you can appeal the denial. Though the workers' compensation appeals process in Maryland and Washington D.C., is electronic, which often makes things easier, it is overloaded with a backlog of hearings. Due to this, it may take months to get a hearing on your appeal. However, it may be possible to try and resolve the issue without a hearing and many do once the insurance company realizes from our Attorneys that it is going to lose more money at the hearing than if it attempts good faith settlement discussions.

Our Firm focuses on resolving cases to get you the compensation you deserve, instead of blowing the issue up into a larger matter. We do believe in the power of compromise to peacefully resolve that which could take an unbearably long time to wait for hearings that often get delayed, scrubbed and/or rescheduled by the Government involved. And with your injury, you do not have a long time to wait.

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