Exceeded Expectations

Mr. Scott Bergman went beyond my expectations and provided excellent service. Not only did he provide assistance with my setttlement but he was also great with making sure I understood every step of the process.

November 2016

The Giant Killer!

I brought my serious brain injury case to Mr. Bergman after 3 other DC law firms turned down my case just because who the defendants were and the fear of the defense attack that would come for bringing such a case forward against the name brand corporate defendants, that could last for years to come in litigation. However, Mr. Bergman saw I had a really big case and had absolutely no fear taking on the corporate defendants and taking the time to explain the process and the game tactics that the defense would play against me to win the case. Mr. Bergman put everything he got into the case working nights and weekends and finally cornered and checkmated the multiple big name corporate defendants in my case and recently got me a very large and satisfying settlement check as a result that will help me for the rest of my life. No amount of money will every fix what happened to my brain, but I thank Mr. Bergman for all his hard work while fighting as the underdog that he fights as for all his clients. God Bless Mr. Bergman for being there for me!

November 2016

Best Decision I Ever Made!!

He's there to fight for you!! My experience with Scott is he cares and he always makes you feel as if you are the most important thing to him. I know he had bigger cases than mine but he always made me feel like I was important and he understood how important it was to me, and thus, it was important to him. Most importantly, he was there and always available. I hope I never need a lawyer again, but if I do, he will be the first person I call or recommend.

October 2016

Excellent plus service - this is the personal injury attorney to process your case

I approached Scott Bergman's office because after 1-1/2 years of working with insurance agencies with my no fault claim was not getting any results. The two year statute of limitations was approaching. I met with Scott and within 1/2 hour realized he was going to get results within the remaining 5 months of mandatory statute deadline. Scott and Cesar demonstrate excellent communication skills of courtesy and insurance lingo, which is necessary to understand the politics of insurance, especially bodily injury, which is not mentioned in any of the t.v. insurance commercials.

August 2016

The Best Personal Injury Attorney Ever!

Attorney Bergman took on my case despite what appeared to be obstacles. He was patient, constantly researching & finding ways to break the case in my favor. He finally found the " ah ha" moment & went in for the kill. He is a man that is always for the underdog, making it his mission to win the fights with less than scrupulous insurance companies. He worked a miracle with my case. He communicated with me on a regular basis; keeping me informed every step of the way. You won't ever go wrong using his services. Attorney Bergman....I truly appreciate you!!! Thanks for everything!

July 2016

car accident case

I contacted Mr. Bergman regarding a car accident case i was involved and he was a big help. It was the first time i was involved in an accident which required me having to seek some therapy and the insurance company was very rude to me even though the other party admitted liability. So i contacted him and he handled everything for me and it was a big burden lifted off my shoulders. After being released from therapy, Mr. Bergman and i both discovered something was not right with the billing from the Dr. office and he had to fight them for me as well to get my case resolved to close it. He is extremely fair and honest and that is hard to find these days. Thank you to you and your team for all your help.

June 2016

Very professional, Solid

I was referred to Scott by some of my clients. Being in financial industry I've seen and met many lawyers. Scott took a personal interest in my case and offered me his honest feedback during the process. I was confident during the whole transaction. What I liked the most is that Scott kept me informed with every step. I am very satisfied with the outcome.
Thank you.

February 2016

PI case settled peacefully

Scott Bergman and staff assisted me with a PI claim against a large insurance agency for a construction company whose truck driver rear ended me on the beltway this past May..Suffice to say, we were able to settle out of court against their negligent driver and without him, I would have been lucky to receive minimal compensation. He was honest and forthright during the whole process and communication was clear and concise. He made no promises in the beginning but we were able to get just about what we wanted in the end and avoided going to court. Thanks again Scott and keep up the good work defending us accident victims. Put your trust in this lawyer and he will come through for you.

December 2015


Mr Scott N. Bergman performed with a relentless and all encompassing effort that proved to be superior and exceptional. Paying off once not only at the end of my case, but also a second time after my settlement. (Totally to my Surprise.) OUTSTANDING. MR. SCOTT N. BERGMAN

August 2015

Great personal injury attorney, have recommended to family members

Scott and his team are really good at what they do. They can accurately assess a case and determine how much time and effort it will likely take. In my situation, I was in a car accident where i was rear ended on a highway by a distracted driver. Initially the offer that the insurance company made would have barely covered my medical bills. Because of Scott's diligence and excellent work, he was able to get the insurance company to double the settlement offer without going to trial. The team's communication and follow-up were great (which i needed because there was so much to handle with medical appointments, therapy treatments, etc.) so i knew where the case stood at all times. Scott and his staff are clearly passionate about what they do and they were a pleasure to work with.

Tia D.
June 2015

Out of State Auto Accident Liabillity Case

From the beginning of my dealings with Scott N Bergman, he has represented himself in a truly professional manner. As I was involved in a vehicle accident out of state, I did not know of any attorneys in the Washington DC area. Shortly after returning home, I received a well written letter from Scott Bergman that explained who he was and his qualifications to be retained by me. The comprehensive letter sold me and his actions matched the confidence of the initial letter. Mr.Bergman returns calls in a timely manner and in addition explains what his firm is doing on your case. One never gets the feeling that you are being rushed off the phone. Scott Bergman negotiated an excellent settlement in my case and was a joy to deal with. Five star rating by me and you will not be disappointed with his efforts.

Bill D.
June 2015

Representation for NFL


Mr. Bergman represented me and still does for the NFL. He is professional, knowledgeable and personal. I would highly recommend him.

Matthew Teddy Silano
May 2015

A fine lawyer completely unafraid to go after the big guys

Mr. Bergman is that rarest of lawyers: one who is willing and more than able to take on a very large and prominent law firm on behalf of his client with a fierce advocacy, tempered with patience that had to be seen to be believed. I am a physician who found myself in a significant and expensive conflict with just such a law firm and was fortunate enough to find Mr. Bergman's web site. He was unfailingly insightful, realistic, tenacious, no nonsense, and completely honest and transparent all the way through. He was aggressive in my behalf, but told me what I needed to hear, not necessarily what I wanted to hear. He turned down the heat on all sides with a cool reason that was impressive. In the end Mr Bergman was highly successful in this endeavor on my behalf. In other words he won for me. I couldn't recommend a better attorney

Dr. Carter S.
March 2015

Outstanding Lawyer

My firm retained Scott Bergman and it was by far the best decision made. His work ethic and morality were second to none. He has helped our firm recover money when we felt all was lost. He is not your typical lawyer, he was by far the best with Mediating, Negotiating and Arbitrating our legal forwards. HIs recovery was far superior than any other lawyer we have ever used. We plan to keep using Scott Bergman and highly recommend him for all your legal needs. Five Stars Counselor!! Bravo!!!

Scott Levine
March 2015

The Best Lawyer

I have used Mr. Bergman several times, each time superseding excellence beyond expectations. Mr. Bergman has always been there for me 24/7 with the best advice, guidance and direction that any Lawyer could give. I highly recommend Mr. Bergman, he will give you the top notch legal advice and service and then some. Five Stars to Mr. Bergman, thank you for everything you have done.

March 2015

Simply - "The BEST"

I have worked with personal injury attorney's for the past 20 years. The qualities needed before I refer a client to a PI attorney: integrity, knowledge, caring and most important someone is going to fight for your rights / protection. That is why Scott Bergman is Simply - "The Best". If you, your friends or your family need some to represent them in a legal manner I would highly recommend Scott Bergman, you won't be disappointed.

Andrew Bloch
November 2014

Scott I really appreciate you

I had two cases with Bergman. His staff were very friendly and caring. The outcome I received was way more than expected. He is a very good attorney with his client's best interest in mind. I would certainly call him again.

November 2014