Helping Clients Recover And Rebuild Their Lives

When you have been injured in an accident, all areas of your life may be affected. The accident does not just affect your personal life or your work life; it affects everything. That is why you need an experienced injury Trial Attorney who takes everything into consideration.

At The Law Offices of Scott N. Bergman, LLC, located in Rockville, Maryland, we look at the complete picture when handling personal injury and wrongful death cases. We consider every aspect of the matter, from the facts of the case to the statutes and case law that might apply, as well as the medical records.

Our lawyer and staff work with medical experts, investigators and life-care planners to build a complete picture of your injury's impact on your life. Many people fail to consider just how serious this impact might be. You know that you are out of work now, but you fail to see that an injury might still be a factor years from now. Taking the future into account is only one way that we help you recover and rebuild your life.

Rebuilding Life After Injury | Managing The Cost Of Medical Care

While we look at the future impact of an injury, we know that treatment costs are a heavy burden for you and your family. This is why we help manage the costs of medical care and help you avoid getting double billed or extensive premium billed just because you were in a motor vehicle accident.

It is known in our line of work that hospitals are notorious for the (dirty) practice of charging patients more when they know that those particular patients have been involved in a motor vehicle accident upon arrival by EMS. The reason? Hospitals know that they can charge auto insurance providers more than they can generally bill health insurance carriers since they have no contractual agreements with them and demand 100 percent of the medical bill. Another problem arises when you win or settle your car accident case as medical providers and health insurance companies often come after accident victims for immediate repayment. Many medical providers charge a premium for emergency services and health insurance companies demand subrogation of the costs they laid out for one of its customers even though the customer pays a monthly premium to that insurance company. Some health insurance companies even take it a step further and demand repayment for costs NOT related to the case. Some hospitals and medical providers may take our client's health insurance card and ignore processing the claim. Even worse, they make our client's health insurance card and process the claim and still attempt double billing of our client by trying to collect the required write off.

All of these tactics are unfair to the victim. Why should a victim have to worry about this when he or she is already facing injury recovery and an adverse insurance company for the at-fault party? As a result, many accident victims wind up paying back more than they should for the care they receive and get less in their pocket at the end of the case. Some victims wind up in heavy debt as a result when they attempt to deal with the matter on their own. This is another reason why an injury victim should get appropriate and experienced legal help to protect him or herself from this unexpected backhand blindside to his or her claim situation that is still a dark secret in the insurance world today. This situation must be taken into account when the injury claim is in progress and must be resolved before the claim is over against the party at fault and his or her insurance carrier.

That is why at our Law Firm, we look at the complete picture. We make sure that you are not being overcharged for the same care that others receive or chased in a dirty double billing situation by the medical provider or hospital. By limiting the amount you pay or have to pay back to your health insurance provider in subrogation, we increase the amount that you can use to move forward after an accident.

We also make sure that area hospitals and health care providers delay billing until after you have recovered compensation for your injuries. That way, you can focus on getting better without worrying about dodging calls from creditors and struggling to make ends meet.

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We handle personal injury and wrongful death cases on contingency, so you do not need money to hire us. We take a percentage of your recovery as compensation for our services. If we do not recover compensation for you, we do not get paid. Period.

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