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The following story is based on a prior case with this Law Firm. A man was injured by a drunk driver in an auto accident and he was driven by EMS to the local hospital where he was treated and released with no testing on him. The next day, he contacted us and visited our Rockville, Maryland, office for a free initial consultation. We talked to him about legal options and rights, but as experienced brain injury accident Attorneys who look at the whole picture, we went further in our discussion.

He told us about hitting his head, and that he still didn't feel well as we spoke, in fact felt very light-headed, dizzy. We asked about the medical treatment he had been given the night before. The Hospital was told he hit his head, but did nothing to review it. We told him to go back to the Hospital and demand a CT scan right now. We called the Hospital as well that our client was on his way over. We drove him to the Hospital. The resulting CT scan turned up an internal hemorrhage (bleeding inside the brain), a life-threatening injury to this new client and a ticking time bomb.

If the man had waited to get medical treatment, even just a few days, he would have probably collapsed, become unconscious and died on the spot. Instead he was prepped for emergency surgery and his life was saved in time. If he had gone to an Attorney who just followed protocol, he never would have gone back to the hospital for a lifesaving scan and emergency surgery to repair the serious and possibly fatal injury.

Using Medical And Legal Knowledge To Help You

At The Law Offices of Scott N. Bergman, LLC, we have handled many closed-head injury cases, ranging from "mild" concussions to traumatic and life-threatening brain injuries. We use our in-depth legal experience and medical knowledge to fight for our clients' rights, including advice and insight from a former nurse who is now a paralegal at our firm. By understanding the medical issues, we can help our clients get the care they need. When we represent you, we will work tirelessly to help you obtain full compensation for your actual financial losses, pain and suffering, and even future damages if the injuries are permanent.

How Brain Injuries Affect Accident Victims

Brain injuries vary from mild to severe and can affect accident victims in many different ways. Even a brain injury that doctors diagnose as mild can have life-changing consequences, keeping the injury victim from doing the things he or she once enjoyed. Some of the effects could be irreversible as nonrepairable injuries.

You may not be able to function as you once did and experience vision problems, headaches, memory loss or reduced coordination. You may need additional surgery, routine CT scans and extensive physical therapy. Using multiple forms of testing during the medical discovery process, the severity of a brain injury can be revealed. Our law firm has relationships with leading medical experts, including top and highly rated neurologists, neuropsychologists and neurosurgeons at some of the best hospitals in the United States. These specialists can provide valuable insights regarding the nature and extent of brain injuries and, when necessary, compelling testimony at trial.

Post-Concussion Syndrome

Some people who have suffered brain concussions continue to experience problems long after their accidents. They may suffer headaches, sleeplessness, dizziness, difficulty concentrating and other problems due to post-concussion syndrome, also known as brain concussion syndrome. Because this type of injury can be difficult to diagnose, many sufferers of post-concussion syndrome don't get the medical care they need. Our Attorneys have successfully represented many people who have suffered this type of injury even before it became known to the public, and we will fight to help you get the medical care and compensation you deserve.

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