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Player's Contract Advisor


Player's Contract Advisor

Your NFL career is something you have pursued for a lifetime. It is more than just a job or a game to you; it is your life's work. It is always a team effort between any agent and the player to get the player into the NFL. Therefore, you need an NFL-certified agent who takes your desire to play in the NFL just as seriously as you do. Scott is passionate to helping players that are diamonds in the rough and are going into the NFL as true underdogs, but have what it takes to make it.

We can provide you representation from a licensed Attorney and NFLPA-certified player's agent Scott N. Bergman. Scott and his team take your entire career seriously - not just to the point of an NFL contract negotiation until the contract is signed and not just to the point while you are playing in the NFL, but throughout your career and afterward. Scott is a protector of his clients and looks at the big picture for them. He goes out of his way to protects his players and plans their steps to go upstream in a very competitive and hostile environment. Every step is followed and advised upon for each player client from "A to Z".

You should know that bar-licensed Attorneys owe a special duty — called a fiduciary duty — to their clients. As fiduciaries, Attorneys are obligated to take exceptional care of the people they represent. By choosing an agent who is also an Attorney, you are choosing someone who has an obligation to care for you fully and effectively, to advocate for you on all levels.

Scott is not only an Attorney or an NFL agent, but also as a coach, a friend, a mentor and a protector who will guide you through matters on and off the field . Handling every matter that may affect your career, he can help you get:

  • Proper medical care and insurance
  • Access to training and nutritional expert resources and support
  • Legal guidance and support
  • Financial guidance and support
  • Private security support

He is dedicated to making sure his clients are treated with the respect they deserve.

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Football Players, Repeat Concussions And CTE

Recently, repeat concussions have received a great deal of press, and people are paying attention to the impact on their life. To date, more than 30 former NFL players have been diagnosed post-mortem with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a devastating, progressive, degenerative disease that affects players who have experienced repeat concussions on the field.

  • CTE causes dementia, memory loss, aggression, confusion and depression.
  • CTE has also been linked to a number of high-profile suicides among former NFL players in recent years.

Because of the critical nature of the matter, former NFL Alumni Association chairman and ex-Green Bay Packer Lee Nystrom reports that his group is ready to start "pushing the envelope to create therapies" that will help ex-players who struggle with brain injuries long after they have left the field.

When considering a career in the NFL, you need an agent who protects your interests — someone who makes sure you are treated with respect. If you experience a concussion on the field, we help make sure you get the right care, right away. The right care means more than medical care from the NFL club. It can mean workers' compensation benefits and being put on injured reserve until you are fully healed — never forced to play injured.

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