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Athletes, professionals, regular people: These are the people we often represent in domestic violence cases. Whether the violence was a misunderstanding or you are accused of injuring a family member, domestic assault and violence charges are extremely serious. For many people, they may have a devastating effect on a career and a life they have worked so hard to obtain.

If you have been accused of or arrested for domestic violence, get the help you need from our criminal defense team at The Law Offices of Scott N. Bergman, LLC, located in Rockville, Maryland. Regardless of the level or type of assault charges made, we can fight for your rights in and out of court.

Unfortunately, some domestic violence matters wind up on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for example. If someone sees something on a social media account that leads him or her to believe that violence is occurring, that person will most likely report it to the police. The police then must investigate the matter to determine what happened. No one wants to be arrested due to social media.

Athletes And Domestic Violence

Professional athletes are especially vulnerable when domestic violence accusations are made. As an experienced sports Attorney and certified NFL player agent, Attorney Scott N. Bergman has a unique insight into these matters. He has even worked with other players' agents to ensure the athlete is protected and gets the education he needs to avoid this situation. This way, the player can get back on the field sooner and get his off-field life back on track.

Explaining The Situation

When we are in Court fighting for your freedom and life, we believe it is important that the Judge understands who you are and what happened. In many domestic violence situations, the case stems from an internal family matter or misunderstanding, and the alleged offender did not realize what he or she was doing was wrong. In the case of parents accused of assaulting children or husbands against wives, it may be due to them not being taught how to properly raise and discipline children or deal with conflict. It could have even been made up for a blackmail opportunity for settlement money. Yet the situation is real to the client facing the charges. This is a big problem with NFL players today. We provide a thorough picture of your situation to the judge, complete with an understanding that this is not the way to handle issues in the future.

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