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Across the United States, local law enforcement agencies are coming down hard on alleged drunk drivers and not to just stop offenders and save lives, but also for the unfortunate motive to earn money for their respective county departments in the name of saving lives. It has become a business. Therefore, whether your blood alcohol content (BAC) was slightly below the legal limit (such as .07), right at the legal limit (.08) or just above the legal limit (.09), you may be arrested and charged with DUI regardless of the legal limit.

If this happens to you then you just became part of a quota or numbers game that is needed to justify the expenses of that particular County's law enforcement department each year to the State. A quota of arrests helps accomplish this goal for that County. When you are facing this type of situation, do not take chances by attempting to resolve the situation on your own. That is when you could become roadkill to the Government system in place that is stacked against you like the house is in a casino against the players. Don't play casino with your life. That is like playing Russian roulette. The best way to protect your life and future is to enlist the help of a skilled DUI defense attorney.

At The Law Offices of Scott N. Bergman, LLC, in Rockville, Maryland, our Law Firm takes immediate action to address your DUI (driving under the influence) case. Many defendants have no idea how the criminal justice system works. The State prosecutor is counting on your ignorance of the law as they have no duty to help you when they will appear to be offering a gift of a deal to you which is really a Trojan horse and a bad deal that will impact your future for years to come. Led by aggressive criminal defense Attorneys, our Firm is dedicated to educating clients about their situations and the laws that apply to their cases. We stack fairness to our client's side and give more favorable odds to our clients against the State. We will review every piece of evidence to even see if the evidence from the arrest can be tossed out for numerous unconstitutional actions by the police and get the case dismissed if possible.

While we are reviewing and creating a defense strategy for our client's matters, we often move to have alleged offenders placed in rehabilitation and education classes immediately, as it is a serious offense to drink and drive which has dire consequences. However, this can also be part of a defense strategy. If we can show that you realize the impact of your actions and are already working to better yourself and prevent future violations, we may be more likely to have the charges against you minimized or dismissed, and punishments lessened.

Consequences Of DUI

If convicted of drunk driving, you face a number of different punishments, including:

  • Jail or prison time
  • Monetary fines
  • Driver's license suspension
  • Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device
  • Mandatory supervised probation
  • Loss of Government-issued security clearances

You may have to deal with a number of collateral consequences as well, such as increased auto insurance rates, points on your driver's license, and an impact to your job or business.

Since Maryland is an implied consent state, you will lose your driver's license for a minimum of four months if you refuse to submit to a breath test when requested by the police. This is another advantage for the State against you.

First-Time Offender Representation

When we represent someone who is facing his or her first drunk driving charge, we work to make sure this is your first and only time in the criminal justice system. Our Firm is committed to helping clients in and out of the courtroom so this does not happen again. This means that we pursue a resolution to the case, minimizing consequences or having the charges dismissed whenever possible. We also can assist in helping clients get help outside the courtroom. We try to teach clients the law and how any future criminal charges may put their lives at risk.

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