Criminal Defense Legal Counsel in Maryland and Washington D.C.

Criminal Defense Law

The Law Offices of Scott N. Bergman, LLC works hard everyday to protect the constitutional rights of our clients. We battle each and every day to protect for our clients' rights who have been charged with a criminal offense in Maryland and Washington D.C, that can put one's whole life on hold. When you come to our Firm, our clients know that they have piece of mind that their case is handled personally within the Firm and not handed off to another lawyer with little to no trial experience on a serious life changing matter. We have represented a wide range of client from those who have been charged with minor traffic violations, to clients who are facing serious prison sentences with felony criminal charges.

DUI and DWI Cases

Some of the most difficult cases in Criminal Defense practice is Drunk Driving Cases or DUI. People are arrested for drunk driving every day, but no one ever thinks it will happen to them. Being arrested for DUI is scary, stressful and intimidating and that you may feel lost as a result. Most drunk driving defendants have never been arrested before therefore desire immediate answers to the situation they are facing. Drunk driving cases are very complex cases and they are not easy to defend and if your rights are not protected a conviction against you can result in the loss of your reputation, loss of employment, costly fines, suspension of driver's license, cancellation of your auto insurance and/or loss of your liberty with jail time. You certainly have a lot to lose if you have been charged with DUI. However, there are several ways to defend these cases after spending time to prep and try these cases by understanding our client mentally and physically, the kind of testing that was done against our client, who conducted the testing, what were the conditions surrounding the testing, was it done at a checkpoint and the technical information of the testing equipment used to come to the conclusion that our client was intoxicated and over the legal limits.

Protecting your Legal Rights

We understand the judicial system here at the Law Offices of Scott N. Bergman, LLC. We understand that the peoples' Constitutional rights are slowly getting eroded more and more each year. When one is charged with a crime, you have legal rights that protect you from over zealous police and state attorneys who want to ride over your Constitutional right and push you into a conviction whether you are guilty or not. It doesn't matter if you were arrested or summons to accept your charges, your legal rights are the same and need to be enforced from day one and we are ready for the fight to get you your life back and on track again. There are no guarantees that any Attorney can give other than to give all his knowledge, skills, care and presentment to be diligent for a client's matter. That's what we do here at the Law Offices of Scott N. Bergman, LLC, we give you our very best and fight for your legal rights. We take each case seriously and are committed to providing each client with the personalized attention and quality legal representation he or she deserves.

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